Imma Zoe Lyrics by BLACK DADA 

This ya boy black a.k.a da da {da da da da }
Got another another one for my island {oh woa
Check it}
Tatted on my chest now...
Tatted on my chest
Yes I'm a zoe.... 

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               BLACK  DADA

Who we are?

Davidson Pierre is a singer and songwriter known as BLACK DADA  makes sleek anthems for the clubs and streets. A Haitian-American artist based in southeast Florida, he built his profile through independent solo releases and as a hook man on tracks by several area rappers. His "Imma Zoe," a typically boastful, melodic track, became a local hit and led to a deal with Universal Republic through Strictly Business. The major-label support helped take "Imma Zoe" to number 90 on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop chart in September 2009. A few additional singles were released through Universal Republic the following year, but none of them made as much of an impact. Although he subsequently departed from his label, he continued to record solo tracks and hooks. Among his releases was the combative "F'em," issued on Avalon Music Group in 2016.

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